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The Posture of Preparation

On the heels of every Thanksgiving, Christmas season expectations peer at me from around the corner of November like a small army, eager for battle. As if on cue, after the piles of Halloween candy have been consumed and the leaves have begun to change colors, my family begins planning: tree shopping right after Thanksgiving weekend, tubs of Christmas books and decorations travel down from the attic where they’ve been sleeping, and I will find my Sunday readings for Advent and imagine myself calm and contemplative.
At the beginning of November, I am full of hope. I imagine how things will go, mentally commit to doing things better this year, and get excited about the traditions we keep, from cranberry muffins on Christmas morning to taking turns lighting our Advent candles.
Despite the hope and motivation that arrive with the crisp autumn air, I inevitably come up short with all of my plans by the time December is here. I am easily distracted. I forgot to move our Kindness Elves more…

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