children's books

the other day i found a really cool site.  it's actually a magazine and the name just happens to be "hapa life." i didn't have time to look at all of it but one of the articles really caught my attention.  as a new mom and book lover, i have become very interested in children's literature.  my little one year old loves books already and i am praying the love will continue.  as a hapa mom, i've wanted to find books for my son that portray the mixed american family and heritage he has.   so far, i haven't found much.  our family has really enjoyed a few of amy wilson sanger's world snack books that are full of artistic pictures, fun language and ethnic food (first book of sushi, hola! jalapeno and mangia! mangia!  and i've thought about making my own little board books that would portray some of the aspects of our hapa family.  all of this to say, you can imagine my delight at not only finding this online magazine but to find in it, an article about children's books that have been written with a mixed generation specifically in mind. i can't wait to check these books out.  make sure to check out the link!
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