mixed make-up and checking boxes

the other day i was flipping through a women's magazine and found a section on how to wear make-up according to one's skin shade and facial features.  do any of you mixed ladies feel like you could cut out different aspects of each model and puzzle it together to find your own picasso styled self portrait mix of colors and features?  i'll look at the asian model and see that my skin tone might be the same but that I have freckles and an eye shape like the caucasian model...
trying to figure out which shades fit with the models that don't fit,  kind of feels like it does when you are supposed to check what one race you are on a census or application.  do you pick which piece of heritage you are feeling more in touch with that day?  i think they have started to put an "other" box on a lot of things.  but who wants to check the "other" box?  ...it all makes me wonder what these things will look like in 100 years.