one plus one equals two

while i was at a seminar over the summer on asian american identity and culture, i heard something that changed my perspective.  tommy dyo, the director of epic (the asian american student ministry of campus crusade for christ) asked everyone what one plus one equals.  two.  he used that simple question to explain that if you are hapa, you aren't really just 1/2 of one culture and 1/2 of another.  you are both. one plus one equals two.  that really helped me in some of the conflict i feel when i think of myself as if i can only be half of each culture i am made of.  i can see how i am fully both, even if i do not have the experience of growing up as wholly caucasian alone, or wholly asian alone.  i love the title of kip fulbeck's art exibit, "part asian, 100% hapa," as it reinforces being mixed as one thing (check out his site for more info on his artwork and projects:  and though it would be easy to take this one thing and then divide to discover how much of each part makes the mix, it really makes more sense to rather see that I am both things and that is what makes me  wholly hapa. i am an american hapa, but I am both cultures weaved together. one + one = two and that two (or maybe more for some of you) = hapa.