mini adventure: writing hangul

it's my mama's birthday on friday and on one of my gifts for her, i want to write something in korean.  now, i don't speak korean and can't read or write it.  so, i'm copying text that has been translated.  this is a hapa mini adventure in my opinion. 
ad·ven·ture (d-vnchr) n.
1. a. An undertaking or enterprise of a hazardous nature. b. An undertaking of a questionable nature, especially one involving intervention in another state's affairs.
2. An unusual or exciting experience: an adventure in dining.
3. Participation in hazardous or exciting experiences: the love of adventure.
4. A financial speculation or business venture.
v. ad·ven·tured, ad·ven·tur·ing, ad·ven·tures
1. To venture upon; undertake or try.
2. To expose to danger or risk; hazard.
1. To take a risk; dare.
2. To proceed despite risks.
 according to that definition it doesn't really seem much of an adventure but i'm still calling it a mini-adventureone, because i don't know how to write the characters very well and two, because there is a strange amount of pressure to try to do anything that is more korean than it seems i am allowed to claim.  those of you that are hapa or mixed and feel this simultaneous familiarity and limit with one side of your heritage know what i'm talking about.   it's funny how i almost feel that i can speak korean, but i can't.  i tried to take a korean class in college once but everyone else in the class was korean and already spoke korean.  quite ridiculous.  i guess they were just going for an easy credit.   i ended up dropping the class.  so to this day, i can't form a sentance on my own or even write my name though i can sing a couple of lullabys and know the sounds and rythym of the language without a thought. and though copying the text for a gift is a mini-adventure today, someday it may be speaking or writing on my own. 
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