more than hapa

i've decided to change up my blog a bit.  i just have a lot more than strictly "hapa" posts to blog about.  i think it was a good idea to start a hapa blog.  it has helped me process some hapa things...but as a part of that process, i'm starting to feel like it's becoming too much of a box and i don't fit into all of it.  i don't do well with boxes.  and, like i said in one post about my son: it is a part of everything and yet nothing in comparison with everything.  it's true.  hapa is a big part of me and worth focusing on and talking about, no doubt.  but i wanna write about other stuff and i don't want to have to force hapa into it.  it'll be there, even if it isn't written out plainly.  i feel this way about other jesus and the gospel.  they are even more important to me than hapa but somewhere along the way i realized that forcing them into whatever i write as some sort of formula, doesn't work.  it's, on one hand, stating the obvious and on the other, not being real, if that makes sense.  so it only makes sense that i would be the same with other things of even less importance.
so, onto new blog posts.  i hope that the few of you that actually read this blog, won't be dissappointed. hapa stuff will still be around - it'll never go away.  i promise.
any ideas for a new title? 
more to come...