thankful on mondays

monday is here.  why do i always feel like i've been hit by a large truck when i wake up on mondays?  it's not my favorite day of the week, needless to say. it's the day that usually feels extra long.  matt goes back to work.  asher and i miss him more than usual. we just love our weekends together as a family.  all that to say, i usually need a bit of an attitude adjustment come monday.  so, i decided that i'm going to start posting 5 specific things i am thankful for, every monday.  i'm calling it "thankful mondays."  i think it'll be good practice for me.  i've found that just thinking of a few things i'm thankful for usually spurs on an even longer list.  and i'd love to hear what you are thankful for this monday (or any day this week, really)!

1. matt's job
2. our new small group at grace
3. my sister and i living in the same place for the first time in 20 years
4. health - after being a sicko family almost all weekend
5. real moms group starting up again this week


Tricia said…
Great idea! Look forward to reading what you write on Mondays. :) Today mine would be: leftovers from a favorite restaurant, having something to look forward to, rocking my niece to sleep, and having solid, fun, godly friends.