hapa sisters

cathy and me.  hapa sisters.   and as different as can be...
my big sister, or unni (korean for big sister), is obessed with star wars and cool kicks. once a tennis player, track runner, a tokyo wizards harajuku break-dancer and surfer.  a 3rd degree black belt, business woman and a lover of animals.  she once rescued a beached seal by pushing it back into the ocean all by herself.  she's 5'2.  do you know how heavy a beached seal is?  i don't either. but you tell me if you ever push one across the sand and into the ocean by yourself. 
those of you who know me well know that you most likely won't find me doing any of the above things.  our lives have always been and continue to be, very different.
despite our differences, we have some pretty unique things in common.  we both love kimchi and rice. we're both daughters of a mama who was practically orphaned by the time she was in her teens.  this same mama still leaves long messages on both of our cell phones about how we should be eating lots of spinach and carrots or about (these tend to be a bit higher in volume) how we never answer our phones and must've forgotten who our mother is. she still tries to get us to take pictures dressed as twins...even though we're almost 10 years apart and adults.  there's just a deep understanding you have when you share these kinds of experiences with someone (and mom, you know we both love you to pieces).  
cathy was there after i entered the world early at 3 1/2 lbs, visting me as i recovered.  she was the one to walk me to my brand new first grade classroom after we moved to tokyo (even if my parents made her do it).   i saw her perform in her first acting debut when she was in the eighth grade.  we watched the karate kid together and both flew on a plane with mr. miyagi.  i thought she was the coolest, surfing, break-dancing, duran-duran fan, karate-kick-anyone's-behind, big sister.  who wouldn't?
now that we are living in close proximity - for the first time in 20 years, and now that we are both adults with our own lives, we're getting to know each other all over again.  bit by bit.  because even though we've been around each other for some important  life moments, we've also missed a lot of each other's lives.  and it takes time to get to know someone, even a big sister.  we're also learning that we do have things in common afterall.  we've since discovered that we both love cookbooks and cooking.  and we can both be found content browsing through a bookstore with hot beverages in hand. and even if we're in different sections of the bookstore, we'll always be sisters.  i'll always "make a nose," for you, unni. :)
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