thankful on monday 2/21

this monday, i'm thankful for...

1. lindsay & gavin & wednesday mornings spent at the bookstore for tea (for the mommas) and trains (for the boys).  SO thankful for their friendship in our lives!

2. sunshine, melted snow & walks with my favorite little man.

3. saturday morning berry muffins that we made as a family.

4. a date night with hubby...complete with walking to dinner, having japanese (mistake roll, tempura asparagus roll & katsudon), good convo and ice cream sammies for the walk home.

5. an unexpected package from my dear friend ellen: a journal from my favorite paper store in germany!

 what are you thankful for today?


Courtney Gmail said…
I love the pictures, Tasha!
Anonymous said…
I love the way the pictures tell so much about the story of your life! Thanks for sharing!
Tricia said…
Love those pics!! And love that journal. Oh my goodness! Okay, my list:

1. Teeth marks after a bite from my 10-month-old niece. She's a special miracle, as you know, and those bite marks remind me that she's alive and well. (Although with an attitude.) ;)
2. Paid days off work.
3. Favorite FRIENDS episodes.
4. My Jesus chair, where I've had some sweet quiet times lately.
5. Catch-up phone conversations with dear friends who live far away.