a list of favorites

it might seem obvious that food is on my mind a lot these days.  being a little more hungry than usual, along with not being able to get my mind off of certain foods when they actually do sound good, has me thinking about all things food almost all the time.  and since i know you are all just dying to know what my favorite meals are; here's a list and a few pictures of my top 10 for the moment (sides, snacks and desserts not included):

1.  dolsot bibimbap (korean)
here's bibimbap after it's been all mixed together
-a stone bowl (that heats the outer edge of rice until it's crispy)
filled with rice,  korean hot paste (gochijang),
an assortment of fresh veggies, bulgogi and a egg.

2.  red lentil soup (turkish)
i love a few different varieties of this soup but the picture
is from my own version with lots of feta

3.  panang curry (thai)

4.  jasmine fried rice (thai)

5.  tempura asparagus maki rolls (japanese)
the tempura asparagus rolls are in the top right-hand corner

6.  käse spätzle (german)

7.  penne ai spinaci and spaghetti aglio et olio 
(italian, and i know, technically two different meals)
spaghetti aglio et olio and one of many times
that matt ordered something i wished i would've.
luckily, he's usually kind enough to share with me. :)

8.  petite chou's burger with frites (american-french)

9.  anything breakfast
(american -pancakes, eggs, bacon and the beach comber skillet from le peep)

10. my mom's mandu (korean)

what are your favorites??