my little firecracker and i love meijer's moosetracks

matt and i keep joking about how there's a firecracker in my belly.  when i was pregnant with asher, it was like i ceased being korean and found myself requesting "mild" for any meal choice that could have a kick to it.  i lost all of my spicy edge.   along with that, i could hardly drink coffee anymore.   early on in pregnancy with asher, the only strong cravings i had were for euphrat's  yufka kebab (kind of like a turkish version of qdoba or chipotle but way better) which were easy to get while living in freiburg, and a simple bean and cheese burrito (not so easy to get while living there).  this 2nd craving sent matt out on his bicycle going from store to store to find and gather the ingredients needed to make me my burritos.
this time around, there are taco bells on every corner, hallelujah.  and i would gladly take a yufka anytime -anyone in deutschland want to ship one over?  the similarites in cravings end there though.  i have been extremely nauseous almost around the clock with this little snapper.  i've also constantly craved spicy foods and everything take-out.  chinese, taco bell and even a filet-o-fish sammie from mcdonalds (which i've yet to give in to)!!  i don't eat at mcdonalds anymore (except for the rare hashbrown and egg mcmuffin that i cannot turn down).  but no lie, a little fish filet has been calling my name more than once in the last few weeks.  i'm going to fight it for as long as i can.  pregnancy.  how can one pregnancy be SO different from another??  at least my hubby has been sweet enough to get this tub of ice-cream from meijer (for the baby, of course).  it's heaven.  shhhhh, don't tell him i'm eating a spoonful (or two, or three) during naptime today...