putting myself in little shoes and praying

sometimes i forget to pray for my little son like i really want to.  i know that must sound horrible but it's true.  i mean, i do pray often for future things; like for him to know jesus and know how much jesus loves him and to walk with him in deep intimacy and things like that.  i pray for what kind of young man he might be and for him to grow into all the good God has for him...  but sometimes, i forget altogether to pray for his little heart with persistence and purpose throughout the day unless i'm jolted into it.
just the other day, when i was asking asher to do something (repeatedly, might i add) and he was not doing it, it occured to me that i need to be praying for his little heart and his understanding of trust and obedience directly in or surrounding the moment. 
it seems like he's taking in the entire world lately.   our little sponge is at the stage in his toddlerhood of asking about EVERYTHING.  now that he knows how to ask the questions: what's that name? what animal is that? what is that thing? and what is that noise?  he is constantly asking one of those four questions all.the.time.  be it a person in a store, any noise to be heard, anything furry that's flying or moving outdoors and just about anything else, he wants to know what it is.  it's cute and it sometimes drives me crazy.
but it occured to me that i need to be praying for him as he soaks up the world around him and tries to understand it.   it's an important time and so easily overlooked as so many things can be with little people just because they are little people.  and though i can't treat him as if he has the understanding of an adult,  it continually amazes me  how much he does understand.  the other night when we prayed for japan before dinner, he interjected to say, "pray for their houses and cars" because he had seen the tsunami washing cars and homes away on the news...
sometimes when people ask me what i do, i still say things like, "oh, i just stay home."  i forget so often the importance of my ministry to my family, though i would say i know it's important.  i forget how urgent the time is because on the surface it looks like the same routine, day in, and day out. 
so i've really been struck with how i need to be praying and further depending on the Lord throughout my days at home.... praying for the ability to see asher and how God has made him, to see and understand where he is at and what he needs and to pray for those things.  it's too easy for me to forget that i need to live by faith in my ministry to my family and be praying, praying, praying as if God can change the world through little shoes.

"rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you." 
-1 thessalonians 5:16-18
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