week 13 randomness

pregnancy can be so strange.  those of you that have been pregnant know what i'm talking about...the cravings, the way you feel so much, smell with superhero strength, taste differently and need more rest...the way your body begins to feel as if it is being taken over completely and you realize you don't have any control...

this time around, i haven't been as excited about "growing."  i hate saying that but it's true.  the first time it almost felt magical.  i kind of couldn't wait to try on maternity clothes and wear them.  but this time, it's taken lots of work to remind myself that it truly is one of the most feminine things that happens to a woman's body as opposed to feeling depressed about becoming bigger by the day.  maybe it's because i've popped out so much sooner than i did the first time around.  maybe it's because i know how long it will take to deflate after pregnancy.  it really just comes down to the fact that i need lots of right perspective shifts and to remember what i'm super thankful for.

my nausea and extreme exhaustion is finally passing and just this week, i've had days of energy and no nausea at all! and, i'm happy to report that the craving for mcdonald's filet o' fish is non-exsistent.  woo hoo!  the craving for ice-cream and all things potato however...

so, at 13 weeks, this is what baby # 2 seems to consistently like (communicated to me via strong cravings and things i feel i just "need to do"):

gala apples (at least 1 a day)
fresh fruit
spicy stuff 
potato chips
french fries 
cleaning countertops 
bean burritos
ice cream

too bad the list won't give me an early hunch of whether this little bean is a boy or girl yet!