a bon voyage

it's always hard to say good-bye to a dear friend...but when the friend truly is a dear one, there is a joy in seeing them move forward in faith and hope as they follow God into a new adventure.

i met our friends lindsay and benton while i was dating matt.  they were friends and ministry co-workers of his.  lindsay ended up playing piano in our wedding and benton was one of our ushers.  after matt and i got married, our time working with the coles in ministry overlapped by a couple of years...however, it wasn't until a few years later when we were doing ministry in different places, and after becoming a mom, that lindsay became one of my closer friends and so dear to me.

while we were still living in germany, i remember reading an email from lindsay, sharing the news that she and benton were expecting.  a few months later, we found out we were expecting as well.  after moving from germany to florida and having asher, i shared a few phonecalls with  lindsay about motherhood and all the transition that had flooded into our lives as a result.  even then, she took the time to initiate and care.  she was a gift and a comfort to me as i processed my recent c-section and she gracefully understood a lot of the things i was feeling.  she even sent me this wonderful care package full of thoughtful things for a new mama, like hand lotion (who knew hands became crinkly raisins overnight with the new-parent-regimen of constant diaper changing/hand washing?), lip gloss (who knew it would take all the energy in the world to just get out the door fully clothed with a swipe of lip gloss?), a body wash + loofah combined (because time for showers became a rare luxury in those early days) and a box of twinings berry tea (which i enjoyed every successful nap time)...

when our family moved back to indiana, asher and i started getting together with lindsay and gavin for playdates.  over time, not only had lindsay become a close friend that i could be real with and depend on, but gavin and asher developed their own friendship as well.  they have been huge gifts from God in the last 2 + years and i really don't know how i would have made it through the constant transitions that were our life for awhile, without them.  God provided so much through them and i am so, so thankful.

what a joy it has been to see asher develop a true "buddy," even at such a young age.  and though they won't be able to hang out as much in person after the move, i know God has already taught asher a lot through this little friendship in his life and that it has affected his heart and who he is.

here are a few of my favorite pictures of the two of them...
asher and gavin - fall 2009

gavin making a get-away with asher's green ball - winter 2010

our final days of being able to contain the boys in strollers - spring 2010

being silly at the bookstore - fall 2010

ready to take off - spring 2011

snack time at the bookstore - spring 2011

taking over the train table at the bookstore - spring 2011


coles, we will miss all 3 of you,  but are thrilled for what God has in store, ahead.   we are grateful for how your family walks with God, how you parent, love others and love Jesus.  lindsay, i'm so, so grateful for your friendship.  thank you for always being so real, for sharing your life with us, for desiring to love jesus, love both of your boys so well, and for being a true friend.  gavin, thanks for sharing so many snacks, toys, laughter,  running around, excitement for trains and many opportunities for asher to learn how to share, grow as a friend, and care for others.  we love you you guys!
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