embracing the camera and our ikea bookshelves...

here i am, embracing the camera today, with a picture of the back of my head.  i am sitting in front of our ikea bookshelves that we just moved out of our old office to make room for baby boy's (yes, it's a boy!!) nursery.  now it will serve as a room divider in our previously empty dining room so that it can become our new office of sorts.  dining room turned office, office turned nursery... anyway,  i've loved having some of our books out in the open and have found myself wandering to the shevles and sitting in front of them, just looking at books.  i've done this very thing ever since i was a little all sorts of bookstores,  in different countries, stages of life and changing interests.  i used to love finding a shelf or section of interest and plopping myself down to look over book after book, sometimes even reading entire portions of a book to see if it would capture my interest.
i love things like these - unchanging little things that stay the same throughout so much life, change and transition.

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