may 30

this monday, i'm thankful for...

1. for the men and women who have served and sacrificed for our country and our freedom
2. finding out we're having a boy and getting to see him during my 20 week ultrasound
3. a frozen yogurt family date

4. "chunking it in" over a lunch buffet and having lots of laughs with my mom and sister

note the difference between my soy-wasabi mixture (on the left)
& my mom's (on the right).  one of us is more feisty than the other.

5.  my husband, my husband, my husband and celebrating 6 years of being married to him this weekend! in the last six years we've moved 6 times, toured across the country and overseas in a rock band, served as missionaries in the us and germany, changed jobs 5 times (combined), had our first child, bought a house, have another child on the way and have learned a lot about life, sacrifice, joy, transition, grace, grieving, love and jesus through each thankful for the story and adventures God's given us so far (the fun and difficult) and looking ahead to all else he has in store!

a few random pics of us over the last 6 years:

just married!

dressed in traditional korean clothes to
celebrate my mom's 60th b-day

at the garden of the gods, on tour in colorado

driving up highway 1

living in germany, enjoying the snow

nerja, spain

getting ready for english cafe!

hiking in cinque terre -one of our most favorite places ever

living and working in orlando at LH and expecting asher

2 month old parents

best friends