embracing the bump

to embrace the camera this week, i thought i'd get a picture of me and our growing peanut.  i've popped out much sooner this time around.  i'm trying hard to embrace the growing and all that goes along with it...and truly believe that "he has made everything beautiful in its time," like it says in ecclesiastes 3:11.  our pastor talked about this verse last weekend as he spoke about the beauty of the elderly. he explained that the verse doesn't mean things are only beautiful in a specific time (like the prime of youth), but rather that in each time of one's life and seasons, God has made all things beautiful.  in a messed up culture that values how quickly people can get into shape or lose 5lbs or get their pre-preggo bodies back, it's hard to see what is actually true and beautiful.  our vision can be so blurred.
so, here's to embracing the bump and the gift of life it represents...and my effort to embrace beauty as God sees it and believe him for what is true.  hopefully i will keep working at the embracing (at least most of the time) when week 39 rolls (or i should say, waddles) around...

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