i love ann curry

ann curry has been on the today show for 14 years, as of today.  she is one of my favorites.  and she's hapa.  i can't tell you how much of a difference it makes to see people who have a similar heritage or skin tone doing inspiring things in the world.  maybe it seems like it shouldn't matter but it really does.  if you are of the majority, you might not think about something like this because most of the people you've probably seen, who are represented in the media, leadership and visible roles, look like you.  it's a non-issue.  but, if you grew up like me when asian americans were hardly ever in a movie unless they were doing kung fu, had accents or had a role specifically because they were asian and not because they were a person or an american...you know how important this can be.  i'm thankful this has changed over time but i'd argue, it's not happening quickly enough...sheesh.   
i can remember hating moments in movies that so many other people loved -like in a christmas story when they were all in the chinese restaurant being sereneded by the wait staff...and everyone i was with would be laughing hysterically.  it's not like i don't understand why people would think it's a funny scene.  i'm not even chinese, but those moments were so awkward and upsetting to me.  those kinds of scenes were the sole asian american representation in movies back then...even movies that were supposed to highlight the "american experience" of the time.  which americans?   just one example among many.  but, i don't need to get on a soapbox...what i really wanted to do was say congrats to ann curry as the today show celebrates her today.  i can still remember the first time i saw her reporting on something when i was in highschool and how it made all the difference in the world to me to see someone who was hapa.  not only that,  but her being intelligent, kind, family-oriented, adventurous, classy and so good at what she does has always been an inspiration.   and i'm sure i'm not the only one.   way to go, ann curry!
here's a link to the tribute celebrating her on the today show: ann's journey to the anchor desk.