planting trees

so, i've already blogged about this a bit, but, matt and i are 6 now.  6 years married, that is.  we had a great time celebrating our anniversary.  my parents were kind enough to watch our little man for the morning and some of the afternoon last saturday, so we had the chance to get out and be spontaneous and somewhat without a plan.  these days, it seems like we always have to have a plan as parents, so not having one was wonderfully refreshing.
we took a long walk on a walking/biking trail, devoured some pastries...had a delicious lunch together at one of my favorites:
just getting started with tomato artichoke soup and duck fat frites

got coffee to go, had unrushed conversation, took our wedding rings in for a cleaning and then came home.  we watched our wedding video later that night over cheesecake...
the next day (our actual anniversary) we planted a japanese maple tree.  since wood is one of the symbols of the 6th anniversary, matt thought it would be fun to do and it's matt baking in the sun and working hard with our beautiful new tree:

the tree just makes me think of the andrew peterson song, "planting trees," that i love.  i'm so glad for all the "trees" matt and i have gotten to plant together and for the ones we will plant in the future...