embracing the boring

i watched UP a few nights ago.  i love that movie (aside from the talking dogs).  i was struck again when little russell is talking about the things he used to do with his dad, like get ice-cream and point out red and blue cars while sitting on the curb...and then he says, "it's the boring things i miss the most." 
sometimes our life and days as a family seem so routine and well, what some could call, boring.  we're not traveling the world these days or doing things that often encourage exclamation points or applause from anyone (except maybe asher)...but what russell says has real truth to it.  the moments that can seem boring in this season of life have taken on a depth that i didn't know exsisted prior to it....

here's to embracing some of those moments this past week...

splashing water, reading board books over and over and over again (i know i will miss doing this and that view of asher's right ear, someday), sprinklers in the backyard, tractors at the playground, picnics and flowers fully bloomed.  us, just being us and being together.  God gives irreplaceable gifts in the combination of people + the mundane, doesn't he?

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embrace the camera