timothy milo

introducing timothy milo...just the name, of course.  our little hapa baby # 2 is still snuggled away in the womb, but having his name picked out just makes us that much more aware that he is there...

we picked this particular name combo mainly because we liked how it sounded and what both of the names mean.  we've always liked the name timothy and especially that it means to honor God.  i've only heard milo a handful of times, the first time being when i was a young girl watching "milo and otis." i've always loved it.   we liked how it sounded with timothy and that it means merciful

here are a few pictures of timothy's room so far...it's hard to believe this was an office not too long ago!  i'm still working on his origami mobile and need to figure out some other decor for the walls but will post pics of that when it's all finished...we did stripes on one wall.  i saw something similar online a few months back and loved it.  i've wanted to get into making origami mobiles and timothy's room was good motivation for my first attempt.  matt did all of the painting and was happy to only have one wall to tape up for the stripes.  he did a great job, didn't he?