100 things

in honor of my 100th blogpost, i decided not to do my usual, weekly "thankful on mondays," post.  today, i am thankful to have gotten to 100 blog posts and am thankful for those of you who actually read my blog posts. :)

instead of a list of 5 things i'm thankful for...i made a list of 100 things: 100 things i never thought i would...

1. make casseroles
2.  learn to cook
3.  see the beauty in indiana
4.  move back to indiana more than once
5.  rent and ride a moped all over the coast of a greek island with friends
6.  fall in love with germany
7.  move to germany twice
8.  decide to go into full-time ministry after college
9.  leave full-time ministry
10.   have ice-cream at the foot of the eiffel tower
11.   become a stay-at-home mommy
12.   love being a mommy more than any other job i’ve ever had
13.   enjoy yoga
14.   be okay with settling down anywhere
15.   live in a routine and see the good in it
16.   join facebook
17.   start a blog
18.   read  and enjoy other people’s blogs
19.   become so much like my mama
20.   love things like electric guitars, amps and pedals…
21.   and things like dump trucks, excavators, bull-dozers and thomas the tank engine -because my boys do.
22.   cook dinners often and without panic attacks
23.   travel across the country with a missionary rock-band as a newly-wed
24.   hide in the closet to avoid dealing with conflict in our first year of marriage
25.   be loved and known like i am by my husband
26.   make my husband a lunch almost every morning like my mom always did for my dad
27.   go to bed early on a regular basis
28.   become a mom of boys
29.   miss my grandparents and appreciate the weight of their spiritual influence as much as I do
30.   wash my hair only once a week like my grandma did
31.   go days without a shower sometimes
32.   have a cesarean birth
33.   survive so wonderfully without ever watching TV
34.   become more and more disgusted by TV the longer I go without watching it
35.   live in florida
36.   become so accustomed to dealing with poop, puke and drool on a daily basis
37.   realize that education isn’t the answer for everything
38.   understand why some families choose to home school their children
39.   embrace my hapa heritage on both sides
40.   live in the same city as my big sister
41.   own a house in the suburbs
42.   lose touch with dear friends over the years
43.   reconnect with dear friends i’ve lost touch with
44.   change so drastically in some areas
45.   stay so much the same in other areas
46.   be able to wait
47.   spend an entire day thinking and praying about what to feed a little person and how to get that little person to sleep
48.   appreciate rest…
49.   and sleep…
50.   and not being busy.
51.   be content with how God made me (even my massively thick hair)
52.   cease journaling novella-length entries on a daily basis
53.   realize that it’s okay for life and the way I do life to look different in different seasons
54.   kayak in the ocean on the coast of spain
55.   think about the paella i ate and tinto verrano I drank after kayaking on the coast of spain as much as I do
56.   cease being afraid of the dark
57.   believe that lasting spiritual change and heart-level transformation doesn't happen by (or need the help of) a person’s cool-factor, popularity or charm, but instead, by weak, sometimes very un-cool, unlikely, humble people with the power of God working through them.
58.   realize that taking steps of faith and living courageously exist as much in little, daily things like sharing the gospel as I care for a family, as they do in bigger-looking things like moving to another country
59.   know I am called to be a wife and mom and even thrive in those roles
60.   go to the grocery store with a baby and survive
61.   go to the grocery store with a toddler and survive
62.   think the german language sounds absolutely beautiful
63.   see prince charles in person
64.   meet someone who is a part of the sicilian mafia
65.   still miss the ocean after not having lived by it for 20 years
66.   lose my patience as easily as i do
67.   eat ice-cream as much as I do
68.   appreciate (and need) my husband’s love for and skill with math and numbers like I do
69.   find that i learned as much from moving and living overseas after college as I learned from classes in college
70.   be published in a magazine
71.   be in my 30s without having started on my first book
72.   have so many gray hairs
73.   drink little cups of turkish apple tea in little shops in marmaris
74.   stop sleeping solely on my tummy
75.   learn so much about the gospel and my need for it through marriage and parenthood
76.   be so selfish
77.   hear my toddler sing a korean lullaby with me
78.   experience the heavy darkness of a concentration camp memorial
79.   wish that I had paid much, much more attention in home-ec classes in junior high
80.   live with daily mentionings of curious george
81.   miss when we lived with much, much less than we do now
82.   begin learning about and exploring how to be involved in the fight against poverty
83.   start eating zucchini and squash
84.   breastfeed
85.   become such a light sleeper
86.   have an iphone
87.   go to target so frequently
88.   let my son have a cookie every time we go to target
89.   love costco so much
90.   read and enjoy the twilight series as much as i did when i was pregnant with asher
91.   have a two-year old who loves sushi and can eat with chopsticks
92.   be so tired
93.   still hate raisins
94.   want to be outdoors more the older I get
95.   get used to humidity
96.   believe in slathering myself (and my family) with lotion like my mom did to me growing up
97.   eat as much greek yogurt, hummus and feta as i do
98.   meet so many beautiful people who have gone through unbelievable pain and loss and still praise God and believe in his faithfulness
99.    long for authentic community and need it
100. still cry and feel much like a small child as I continually realize how much more God loves me (and others) than I knew or understood…


Sarah said…
You are beautiful inside and out ms. tasha.
Tricia said…
Love this. It allowed me to see a little more of your heart, my friend, which I think is lovely. :)
Tricia said…
P.S. So glad #4 is true. Otherwise, we might not be friends today. :)
tasha said…
thanks, sarah. i sure miss you, friend!!
tricia, i'm glad for number 4, for that reason as well. :)
Elizabeth said…
I love that list and congratulations on your 100th blog post!!!