august 22

this monday, i'm thankful for...

1.  fresh new mornings full of God's mercy
2.  our birth-refresher class this past week...and specifically for the sweet instructor we had all to ourselves and the opportunity to trust God for specific things as a couple in this upcoming birth
3.  morning walks to the pond with asher to feed little fish
4.  a perfect glider and ottoman for the nursery -found on craigslist for 40 dollars
5.  jude matthew pelton - the newest member of the pelton family - who was born 6 days ago with many complications.  his family's journey and their faith and love despite very difficult circumstances has given us a greater glimpse of Jesus himself this past week.  you can read about and join us in praying for baby jude and the pelton family here: Everything Beautiful

what are YOU thankful for, today?