thankful on mondays

this monday, i'm thankful for these 5 things...

1. an OB who never rushes appointments, is kind, humble, listens really well and is very informative.
2. hearing timothy's heartbeat and feeling his wiggly extremities.
3. dinner with the irby family and a brunch at three sister's cafe with girlfriends -every moment of community and life shared with others (esp with good food) is such a treasure in this season of life.
4. for matt and asher's special "daddy-son date"  at conner prairie (and for free smithsonian museum day) and getting to hear about how much fun they had together.
5. relationships and community at our church.  even though we go to a very large church, God has provided real, growing relationships and hope for authentic community that blesses our whole family so much. i'm super thankful for my small group at real moms and for our family's small group both starting up again for the fall (and the people in both groups who challenge and encourage us).

what are YOU thankful for, today?