advent conspiracy

christmas is just around the corner.  there were men putting lights and wreaths on streetlights that lined the street outside of our neighborhood the other day.    asher and i spotted santa claus in target this week (funny sidenote: asher thought santa was noah, as in, noah's ark, in a red suit).  the store ads and magazines devoted to christmas shopping have been filling our mailbox everyday, with promises of happy families and children on account of purchasing the right christmas presents.  the pressure to act according to our culture's way of doing christmas is everywhere.  and jesus is difficult to find.  it's not that i don't like the presents under the tree, i just find it to be incredibly distracting and at times, all-consuming.  it's become increasingly too easy to forget what we are really celebrating.  how in the world has celebrating the miraculously humble moment of Jesus' birth become such a materialistic mess? 

as i've gotten older and time has quickened it's pace along with that, i've found it more necessary to be intentional when it comes to things like the holidays. and now, with a little family, this necessary intentionality feels even more urgent.  already, i wonder what messages about christmas my little boys will hear and see most.  what will capture and take hold of their hearts?  and what captures mine as the season approaches? 

one of my blogging friends, ashley, is doing something really cool with her beautiful family this season. it's called the advent conspiracy.  it's something that encourages intentionality and directs hearts and hands towards what lasts for eternity.  our family is joining the conspiracy.  check out her blogpost about it, follow along and watch the video that inspired her, here.

are you in?

wanna join the conspiracy?  the first week starts right after thanksgiving...
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