thankful on mondays

this monday, i'm thankful for these 5 things...

1. laughing and talking at a girls night out with the lovely ladies in my small group.
2. watching asher give timothy a bopo
3. getting a phone call to discover that a dear friend is engaged.
4. an at home patachou cake date with my hubby (while both boys were miraculously asleep at the same time).
5.  a spontaneously silly play-doh and popcorn family time...

timothy slept through the play-doh...

what are you thankful for today??


Tricia said…
1. Thankful to be ENGAGED to my stud of a man!
2. For making your thankful list. ;)
3. Celebration with so many family and friends being happy for us!
4. Peek-a-boo and hide n' seek with my niece
5. God's loving kindness and faithfulness.
Love the things you're thankful for.
I'm thankful for...
1. An awesome 5th birthday for tiana
'2. A more than helpful hubby
3. Sisters
4. that I'm going to a concert with my sister tomorrow
5. Coffee :)