an angel for our tree

we didn't have a tree topper until yesterday.  years prior, i had made my own creations using pretty ribbons.  i always meant to buy a nice-looking star.  and i thought i would do just that this year.  but the few times i looked for one this season, i couldn't find one i liked or couldn't justify spending so much for one, or had a crying baby and fussy toddler in tow and didn't have time.  so, the pointy top of our tree has been bare, that is, until yesterday.
yesterday, asher made an angel tree topper during craft time at sunday school.  he was proud to show it to me when i picked him up from his class.  my first thought wasn't that we would use it.  but after we got home and i passed by it sitting on the counter as if it was expecting something, i thought, we should just put it on top of our tree.  then matt suggested the same thing out loud.  so, up it went by the hands of an excited little boy lifted up high.  and suprisingly, it has been really good for my heart.  it is a reminder for me that the first christmas was plain and simple.  it reminds me of the love for, delight in and value God sees in little people and in things that are easily over-looked and tossed aside.  who knows what we will do in years to come, but this year, i know my heart needs these reminders in the form of a yellow paper angel with red scribbles.