hello mornings

i am not that into new years resolutions.  part of this is because i never keep them and hate the dissappointment that comes from that.  but this year, i was introduced to something by my friend mandy and knew that i needed to do it. it's called hello mornings.  go on over and check out their site -inspiring, right?  you can also read about it over at mandy's blog, everything beautiful. 
basically, it's a challenge for women to get up early to spend time with jesus and have space for other things like exercise or planning before the kiddos get up, and to do this with women all over the world.  i don't love to get up early but i know that on the days when i do have space in the morning and get time with jesus,  i am much better able to handle the day and do my job well.  so, with grace and hope, i am joining this morning endeavor.
mandy started a facebook group called HolaMañanas. 
official registration is now closed...but we checked the box for being a part of our own group via facebook, so you can still join our group.   we'll still be able to read their planned devos and will check in on the facebook page at some point during the day...interested in joining us?  the official start date is january 16th.


Jess Judkins said…
love this idea! I am so going to sign up once the registration opens up again.
tasha said…
thanks for stopping by, jess! sounds great. it is a good idea, isn't it? i am excited to start it out and hoping it goes well!