light for one of those days

yesterday was just one of those days, when i'm having a really difficult time remembering that seasons don't last forever -seasons that have both times of difficulty and good times that i know i will miss someday...when i am struggling to be thankful despite God's good care for us and the fact that my sweet husband had made me a fabulously delicious smoothie for breakfast (that i drank with a grumpy face)...when i am not thinking about how thankful i am to have a warm house and a place we call home...when i wonder how long it will take to feel like we are living in authentic community and connected deeply...when i forget how he just answered a years-long prayer of my heart and doubt he will answer other prayers...when i feel impatient about where God has us and what he has in store and when all of the whys, hows and whens are flying through my mind at a frantic pace... 

one of those days when i just can't see straight on my own.  and i need to stop.  take a deep breath.  and let jesus flip the light on.

asher was just learning about jesus healing a blind man in his sunday school class this past sunday.  for whatever reason, this story has really stuck with him.  he's continued to repeat and retell it to us since sunday and he especially loves reminding us that, "Jesus turned the light on so that we could see!"  his class made little paper light switch covers with 1 peter 5:7 on them. 

jesus turned the light on so we can see.  he still turns lights on.  lights for those days when my vision is clouded, my heart frantic and my mind, embarrassingly forgetful of his promises.  he isn't impressed when i try to muster up my own strength and stray from total dependance on him in the process.  he wants me to go to him and put on his strength.

for some reason, God keeps reminding me of "things i think i know" through asher's sunday school crafts. it's kind of humbling...but then again, shortly before the verse in 1 peter that's displayed on asher's lightswitch cover,  peter reminds us that humility is of great worth: all of you, clothe yourselves with humility toward one another, because, "God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble."  1 peter 5:5.   he does care, indeed, to remind me of what's true through the simple craft and joyful voice of a 3 year old.  maybe that's just one of the best ways to soften and humble the hard and proud parts of my heart.

how does he remind you of what's true on difficult days?


jessica said…
Sometimes you take the words right out of my head. I do wish we lived close! My husband and I are right now dealing with trying to find community, and wavering between being hopeful and knowing that the Lord has amazingness in store for us, and doubt.
Oh how to squash that doubt!
Yes, my vision is frequently clouded as well.
Thank you for your post! :)
Alely said…
i agree with took the words right out of my head. however, isn't it cool though that even in all of our ungrateful times, whiny attitudes, and when we struggle to be nice that God covers that with his grace and that His mercies are new every morning and that we get a new 24 to try and get it right again, and again, and again?
tasha said…
thanks, jessica! i'm so glad i'm not alone in some of these things! how to squash that doubt and keep it squashed - that is the task, isn't it? :) i hope you are feeling well and pregnancy is going smoothly. can't wait to see pics of your baby girl!
tasha said…
thanks, alely! and yes, it is very cool to be covered with his all-sufficient grace. and i'm so thankful for a new 24, too. amen.