collard greens and steel cut oats

there are things that i eat now, that i never thought i'd enjoy eating.  oranges, for example.  i hated them as a kid but enjoy them now.  salad is another example.  as a kid, i disliked almost all things lettuce (outside of my mom's delicious, double-fist-sized korean lettuce wraps). and sometimes now i can crave a good, crispy salad like i can a good batch of just-baked-cookies.  well, almost as much.  okay, wait, maybe never as much but you get my point...   there are also those wonderful discoveries of new foods overseas or foods introduced by friends, that i didn't know i would come to german käsespätzle or flammkuchen (tarte flambée, in french), turkish red lentil soup, a plethora of thai dishes made with coconut milk, spanish paella made with the ocean in view, middle eastern yufka kebaps and falafel, for example....there's more but my mouth is watering as i digress into this list, so i'm going to stop.  anyway, there are things as such, that for whatever reason,  i've not enjoyed or discovered until more recent years...

and as of yesterday, there are things like collard greens and steel cut oats.  both are things that i barely even knew existed.

collard greens were in our most recent green bean delivery bin.  all i knew about them was that people eat them in the south, right?  i had no idea they were the size of an elephant's ear.  and, i had no idea how to cook them or eat them.  so, google to the rescue!  i ended up putting them in our spaghetti sauce because i didn't feel so adventurous last night, and had already planned on spaghetti...the sauce turned out pretty well, so it worked.  but there are still more collard greens in our fridge right now and i'm sure there's an even better way to cook and eat them...anyone have a good recipe?  please share because i would like to love these green leafies.

next up, steel cut oats.  why hasn't anyone ever told me how good they are and how much better they taste than the rolled oats version???  i found a few recipes online and read that they could be cooked the night before so that they are ready in the morning.  who doesn't like to wake up to breakfast already taken care of?  all i had to do the night before was put the oats and water in a pot, bring it to a boil with a teeny-weeny bit of salt and then turn off the burner and leave it covered in the pot overnight.  this morning, it just needed to be heated back up on the stove, uncovered...

we added blueberries and just a bit of brown sugar and it was delicious.  asher ate 3 bowls.  note-to-self:  make more next time and hide some so that you can have some before your toddler eats it all.   if you like oatmeal and you haven't tried steel cut oats, go get some. 

are there things that you eat now, that you never thought you would?  or are there food risks you've taken that only left you with the regret of not taking them much, much sooner?  what unfamiliar foods have you tried and fallen in love with?