embrace the camera: sunglasses in winter

it's february in indiana; the time of year when i usually spend many days wondering why we live in this state or area of the country.  but lately, the weather has kept me on my toes and it has been anything but a usual indiana winter.  we've had everything: uncharacteristically warm days, icy days, snow, windstorms, and springtime-like thunderstorms...and this week i've enjoyed a few random days of 60 degree goodness.  however strange, i'll take all of the extra warm days i can get!

asher and i were really excited to be in our sunglasses and take timo-bear out for a walk in the sunshine.  can you tell?  we ended up coming home with both boys in tears -one from a fall that lended a couple of badly scraped up knees and wrists and the other from being hungry and tired....c'est la vie with littles.  but we got outside and this too-easily-affected-by-the-seasons-mama was a happy one.

i'm embracing the camera with emily today.