embrace the camera: sweetness

our big little, as we like to call him, had a rough morning.  he ususally does whenever he skips a nap the day before, or in this case, skips two naps, two days in a row...he had a meltdown when we were leaving my mom's group at our church because he wanted to stay and watch the rest of the veggie tales video in his class.  i had to carry him out of the church, wailing.  and he was wailing all the way home.  and the wailing went on after we had gotten into the house.  so, we sat in the entryway together, him on my lap and me just holding him until he calmed down.  and then of course, it was time for our littlest little to start wailing...and time for me to feel like i wanted to start wailing, too.

but finally, after timothy fell asleep and asher ate lunch, we were all doing much better. 

asher and i decided it would be a good time to take some pictures together.  he loves taking pictures with my phone, especially when he gets to pick out the filters on instagram.   

there are lots of times when i have no. idea .what. i'm. doing. as a mom.  i don't say this to be negative, because there are plenty of times that i do feel confident in my role and calling...there are just plenty of times (sometimes whole seasons) when i don't. 

this picture is precious to me because it reminds me that we can and do get through those times and that there can be sweetness that comes when you think it feels like all sweetness has evaporated...

i love this little boy to pieces and still can't believe i get to be his momma. 

embracing the camera with emily today