embracing the camera and 4 months

i'm embracing the camera with our little timothy today.  someday, this baby who can still sleep in my arms, might grow to be bigger than me.   and that thought makes me wonder:  how do so many mothers out there do it?  how do they love fiercely and sacrificially and all the while, let their littles grow into men and women and eventually let them go and be all that God made them to be?  how will i ever give up being able to bopo* my little boys' cheeks all day long?

 i am in awe of the strength of so many women who have done this.  what diverse measures of courage, beauty, pain, generosity, and sacrificial love is required in this calling of motherhood... and how impossible it all is without God. oh Lord, help me to treasure this sweet season you have given and trust you for every day of it. someday, in another season, i don't want to remember these days and wish i had embraced them more than i did.

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* bopo - korean, for kiss.