farewell, pinterest.

i love Pinterest Logo
for things like: learning how to store cilantro in the freezer, craft ideas and DIY (someday) projects that i can dream about and enjoy visually, it has been a treasure.
but (for me), it's also encouraged a bit more of "want," at times, than i think is healthy...

in my last thankful on mondays post, the 5th thing i was thankful for included the most recent sermon i heard at church on greed and fighting against greed with generosity.  you can listen to it here, if you are interested.  one of the suggestions given was to remove the things in our lives that tempt us to believe #1, that the american dream is biblical or true and #2, that lead us to the vicious cycle of wanting more and thinking more would make us happy.

for me, right now, this means i need to take a break from pinterest.  i still think pinterest is a lovely thing.  i will probably be back pinning again sometime.  i just know that i need to take a break from browsing it for all of the times that it just makes me want more...more of a beautiful home, more supplies to get more organized, more style, more of anything and everything.   so, along with desserts, i'm giving it up for lent.  i hope a season away from desserts and pinning will help me to cling more tightly to what's true: that God alone can satisfy and that there are no new decorating ideas, DIY projects, organization tips or recipes that will satisfy what my heart, mind, soul and tummy, were made for. 

are you giving anything up for lent?