korean food love, for the littles

i love my mom's kim-chi.  this past weekend, she made us a fresh little batch.  and today, asher and i enjoyed some for lunch.  he doesn't eat spicy food, so he had his "washed" just like i had mine when i was little.  "washed" just means rinsed with water so that most of the spicyness comes off.
did you know that kim-chi is incredibly healthy?  it is full of vitamin A, B and C and if you eat it fermented  (the traditional way), it has the same good bacteria that yogurt has.  i've also read that fermented cabbage possibly fights cancer.

last friday, the boys and i went on a fun playdate with one of my good college friends.  she and her husband recently adopted an adorable little boy from south korea who grew their family from 4 to 5.  while we were with them, they gave timothy and asher a sweet little gift.  and part of this gift has already become a family favorite.  we love it because it's not only fun to read but it celebrates korean food and a family enjoying it (not to mention one of my absolute favorite meals).
 thanks, pfeifer's!