thankful on mondays

this monday, i'm thankful for these 5 things...

1. how gloriously wonderful little things, that i no longer get to do very easily in this season of life, can be...
like the times i had a few minutes to myself this past week:
to enjoy a cup of coffee and a good book,
to drive somewhere on my own without having to load the car up with little people and enough bags for a small vacation,
and on the same drive, to turn on whatever music i want, as loud as i want...

2.  the joy of a little boy over getting to play his favorite board game

3.  a plethora of lotion from a friend

4.  getting to watch this baby play with his toys (which really means try to eat them)

5. the fun of getting this magazine sent to me every now and then, and the memory of our last california visit that goes with it :)

what are you thankful for, this monday?