a few confessions...

my friend mandy, who blogs at everything beautiful, blogged a few of her "confessions" this morning. these confessions were an effort to go against the all-to-easy-effort of making oneself look better than reality via social media. otherwise known as "perception management," as mandy calls it.  any of you who blog or use FB know how easy it is to do this.  i know i do.   anyway, her inspiration came from one of her friends, holly, who started this whole thing on her own blog.  read her first post about it here: Confessions . i love what they are doing and think i need to do it to.

so, here are a few of my own confessions...

confession #1 - i stuffed my face with chocolate and lots of it. i'm giving up desserts and pinterest for lent.  i decided that i would still allow myself the occasional "piece or two" of chocolate during the day. once in a awhile we have a couple of chocolate bars (preferrably dark chocolate or my beloved ritter sport bars) up in our pantry...  so, one week i went in and had 4 pieces instead of the "piece or two" i had already decided on.  and then, the week after that?  i kept going back to the pantry one afternoon for one more little ritter sport square until it.was.all.gone.  it was a stressful afternoon...but here i go, making excuses...  yep, you read that right. i ate the WHOLE ritter sport -every quadratisch. praktisch. gut. bite.  that's 16 little squares to be exact.  the sermon that i heard at church following this? self-indulgence.  ugh.  major fail.  the thing is - i tend to do things like this when i am majorly stressed out, instead of turn to God for help.

confession # 2 - i use paper towels like they fall from the sky.  seriously. come over and you might find me ripping off another 1/2 sheet of paper towel every few minutes for this, that or whatever.  and the sad thing?  we have a basket full of these awesome blue cleaning cloths that dust beautifully and wipe up messes and still, i habitually head for the paper towel roll instead.  i'm still buying into the lie that my convenience and "the way i always do things" trumps caring for the world God created.  boo.

confession # 3 - i am horrible at finishing thank you cards.  it's seriously ridiculous.  and embarrassing since i have this little blog here where i list the things i'm thankful for, every week, and like to talk about how important thankfulness is.  i do, however,  actually write thank you cards and feel very thankful - my problem is the last two steps of addressing the envelope and then getting it in the mail.  getting through final steps seems to be a recurring issue for me in more areas than thank you cards, unfortunately.  confession within a confession:  my last load of laundry often stays in the dryer and i can be found getting clothes out of it as if it's another dresser or closet until i do another round of laundry.  just ask my husband and his wrinkled t-shirt.
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