thankful on mondays

this monday, i'm thankful for these 5 things...

1. my new jewel kade necklace with initial charms for each of my little boys

if you haven't heard of jewel kade, check out my friend ashli's site
the jewelry is lovely and my friend ashli is wonderful.

2.  naptime. 

specifically, the days when naptime seems near impossible,
and then, both boys finally. fall. asleep.

3.  this grandpa-reading-asher-a bedtime story-moment

4. a husband who makes me laugh and helps me to be silly
 when i'm too serious,
and brings me tulips when i'm stuck in a hotel room with two littles.

5.  and lastly, i'm thankful to be back at home, that our 2 month long flooded-carpet-saga is over with (insert lots of cheering), and for how God has cared for us and suprised and provided for us, throughout it all.

what are you thankful for today?

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