treasures in our toilet-flood-saga

it's been almost 2 months since our hall bathroom toilet flood.  if you don't know what i'm talking about you can read more about it here..  and it's been a week since we've been without our own washer and dryer after our washer went kaput.  the first icky incident that i thought would be "fixed" in a couple of weeks, has ended up turning into a continuation of little trials that have seemed never-ending. and the second incident led us to buying a new washer and dryer, that ended up not fitting in our laundry space, and then having to find another set, that ended up not being available until the end of the month.

but there's more than meets the eye that's come out of these first world problems.  i'd never choose for our toilet to flood, to be without carpet in half of our home for months because of it (and all of the timing and insurance issues that have pro-longed everything), or to have our washer and dryer stop functioning in a season of life that lends numerous diaper blow-outs and spit-up parties and then to order the wrong set and have to wait much longer than expected for a new set...

but if these events hadn't occurred, we wouldn't have had the opportunity for things like re-doing our hall bathroom in a way that we like, or pulling together as a little family in different moments of stress or uncertainty, and priceless gifts of community that matt and i have both had because of needing help. 

for example, just last week, i spent an evening with a dear friend of mine who had generously and graciously invited us to use her washer and dryer.  and because of our need and her generosity,  she and i had a chance to be in community and connect in a way we might not have otherwise.  i've been so thankful for that gift and can't imagine having missed out on it because everything in our lives and home was functioning like it "should."

when our toilet first flooded, matt kept reminding us that God must love us a whole lot to give us the opportunity he was giving us to trust him and depend on him as a family. he was so right.  it's way too easy to miss out on gifts when we live in a bubble of self-reliance and live surrounded by everything we "need," isn't it?  it is for me, anyway.

throughout this on-going saga of sorts, God has unmistakably taken good care of us while also reminding us that our hope is not to be in our things or our home or how our home looks.  he wants to give even greater treasures than any comfortable and aesthetically-pleasing living space could ever provide....treasures that impact the heart and that are of eternal value.

treasures... like opportunities to depend on him so that we know him more...  being led to pray...  life-giving community... chances to get creative with what we have...  the gift of having to wait...  trusting him as a family...  seeing that the things we so easily think we "need" or are entitled to are gifts and luxurious ones at that...

what treasures of lasting value and heart impact might God be trying to offer you through hardship (whether big or small)?  i'd love to hear.