undercover greens

does anyone else ever think that being a mama at meal time would be easier if they had a degree in espionage?  i don't know about you, but i have spent an amazing amount of effort attempting to train green leafies to be disquised and undetected so that they might make it beyond my 3 year old's pokey-fork-inspections...my 3 year old who loved, no wait, devoured is a better word, vegetables, as a baby...sigh.
hopefully someday,  my whole family will be eating God-given, health-exploding greens just as they are, on a regular basis.  a mama can dream, right?  and, i must add that our recent green bean delivery bins are definitely helping.

meanwhile, here are just a few things we've done to increase our greens:
adding spinach, and even collard greens (which the husband wasn't so thrilled about),  to smoothies, to make green monster drinks (now, if only asher would come off of his will.not eat.any.foods.that.are.cold-strike)...wait. am i the only one who likes these?

adding shredded zucchini and other veggies to korean pancake mixes (you can find premade mixes where you just add water and whatever ingredients you'd like, at most asian grocery stores),
blending shredded zucchini, sauteed spinach, shallots, feta and neufchatel cheese to make a creamy and very green pasta sauce...
adding as many greens (sugar snap peas, bok-choy and broccolette below) as possible to a lemony-gingery-soy stir-fry,
and lastly (sorry, no pictures), baking cut up strips of kale with olive oil and sea salt to make kale chips (this was an all-around winner and super easy).

how do you get your greens in?  i'd love to hear some new ideas.