going private

this is my first post since going private with my blog.  it almost seems counter intuitive; afterall, a blog is supposed to be a public journal of sorts, right?  well, for those of you who are still following along for the ride and through the confusion of all of my blog changes (can you tell that i am the kind of person who would enjoy re-arranging furniture all.the.time if only it didn't make my husband insane?)...thanks for hanging in there with me!  
for the most part, until very recently, i've never really minded having people i don't know read my blog.  i've hoped to encourage others through it -anyone really.  and i've so enjoyed some of the other kind souls i've crossed paths with, families i've learned about and the encouragement received from all sorts of other blogging "friends."  but recently,  right along with all of the previously mentioned good of being so public,  i started to notice that there were strange traffic sources in my blog stats, with links to sites that made me want to quit blogging all together.  it was rather unsettling and i'm certain that i don't want my personal and family blog to be a place for just any old joe schmoe to be perusing about anymore.  so, onto being a private space.  i hope it won't be too cumbersome to continue following along and sharing in our journey, for those of you that do.  i'm thankful for you and hope it will continue to be a place that encourages good, keeps my fingers typing and allows for connection despite the changes!
this picture has absolutely no connection to the post i just wrote,
other than it happening on the same day the post was written.
i just like it.
and, i like that little munchkin in it a lot, too. 
and that there aren't any creepers who can see it.