granddad and grand-mère come to town

our little boys are blessed to have both sets of grandparents involved and present in their lives…and it’s an extra blessing that each grandparent comes with their own unique title so that there’s no room for confusion in these early little years.  my parents are “grandpa (or papa) and harmony (korean for grandmother) and matt’s parents are “granddad and grand-mère (french for grandmother).” 
last week, we had a sweet visit with the boys’ granddad and grand- mere who came from california to meet timothy milo and of course, spend lots of time on the floor with asher playing cars and being educated in the character line-up of cars 2.
asher is ready to fly out to california to visit them (and i'm sure little timo is too, if he could only say so).  he’s been asking daily if we can fly out on a jumbo jet to california and go to old town sacramento where there’s a train museum he heard about.  he also wants to go to california to see the ocean.  i could use a good dose of ocean myself...
here are a few favorite pictures from the visit (sorry for the repitition for any  FB friends that might have seen these)...
timothy, enjoying his granddad and grand-mère

building a log house at conner prairie

asher watching bumblebee transform from car to robot

thanks for coming to visit, granddad and grand-mère! 


Becky Burgoyne said…
I would love for Asher to fly on a jumbo jet, too. We miss you ALL!
tasha said…
i will tell him you said that. we miss you both as well!