dandelions and prayer

i know i've been neglecting my blog lately.  life has felt crazy and that's the best answer i have for not posting or keeping up.  i'm sure i'll get back to it soon.  but for now, chasing our almost 9 month old scooter, cleaning up potty messes and most recently, trying to survive a recent onsent of postpartum(way postpartum)-puppp, there's no time left for anything.  have any of you ever gone through this insanity-producing condition?  it's miserable.  i have an appointment with my doctor on monday but who knows if it will help.  i've been slathering myself with sarna, drinking dandelion root tea and praying.  who knew that dandelions had a purpose outside of little ones blowing their wishes to the sky and aggravating adults and their lawn-manicuring efforts?

so, dandelions and prayer.  feel free to join me on the latter!