thankful on mondays

this monday, i'm thankful for these 5 things...

1.  my dad, who's birthday was this past weekend. 
here's a pic of him and his siblings and cousins.
he is the littlest guy in front. 
we think he looks like asher in this picture.

2.  a fun reunion with 3 girls i was in a biblestudy with in college

3.  the gift of sitting with african americans on my left, korean americans on my right, latinos behind me, caucasians in front of me and an indian american family a few rows over at church yesterday.  it was a gift for me to see racial diversity growing in our church family.

4.  a good 9 month check-up for timothy

5.  that asher is okay after a scary fall off of a staircase.

what are you thankful for, today?
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