10 months

today, i am thankful that our timo-bear is off of his GERD meds and not spitting up as much as he used to.  i'm thankful for how excited he gets when he takes a bath.  i love how he splashes like he thinks he's an olympic swimmer.  he even cries when we take him out to dry him off because he loves it so much.  i'm thankful for how he plays peek-a-boo and how he "dances" by shaking his head back and forth whenever he hears music.  i'm thankful for how he loves to eat and how fun it is to watch him pick pieces of food up.  i'm thankful for his unique army-crawl-froggy-scooting way of getting around.  i'm thankful for how happy he is to be in motion and feel the wind on his face when he swings...

i can't believe he's already 10 months old.  we love you, our little timo-bear!