first day of preschool

my big little went to preschool for the first time, today.  he did great.  i think i'm doing okay, too.

i wanted to do that cute thing i kept seeing on pinterest, where people recorded what their littles want to be when they grow up along with each first day of the school year... but as of this week, asher has said he wants to be a firefighter, a golfer, a world traveler, or a basketball player...  all of those things wouldn't fit so we just stuck with a 1st day of preschool sign.  i love this age that is full of imagination and pure excitment for all things possible.  i could use some of that. 
our little guy also told me that when he is a daddy with a wifey and children, he still wants to live with us.  in indiana.  or at the eiffel tower.  but not in africa even though he wants to go there, because, in his words,  there are big cats like cheetahs and lions there and daddy is allergic to cats, mommy.
i'll take it.  and i'll take all the days i get to have you close, little man.  whether in indiana or at the eiffel tower or on safari in africa, or just when i get to go pick you up from your your little preschool class and smother you with hugs and bopos. 
we are so proud of our big little.
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