prayer bucket

this little bucket is the newest addition to our home.  it's nothing fancy and not a new idea.   i've been trying to figure out how to make our bedtime prayer time with asher more fun and something that he can take more ownership of,  but at his level.  we've been praying for everyone in the family every night but it's just too looong for his attention span and i don't want to encourage the idea that praying is boring or hard to grasp...  so, the other day he and i sat down to make his prayer bucket.  we talked about what things he thought we should pray for, which was fun.  and now, he picks one stick out at bedtime and we pray for that thing.  he gets excited about it and it's the simplest thing.  but it's more of his thing too now,  and that makes such a difference.

all it is, is a bucket (dollar section at target), posicle sticks and things/people we are praying about/for.