random little things

life has been wrapped up in a lot of little things for the last month or so.  little things like cleaning spit-up stains, chasing a little scooter, making sure both boys are not only in their carseats but buckled into their carseats, having to discipline, keeping my 3 year old from riding his tricyle in the street and finding the same 3 year old on the ground in a heap after he's just pretended to be the hulk and jumped off of a flight of stairs enroute to saving some of his little girl friends from spiders (mama is still recovering from that), trying to figure out how to stay in our grocery budget and find the balance between wanting healthy food and being reasonable and humble and kingdom-minded in that desire...

the little things.

it feels silly that these little things have been hard or lent days that feel overwhelming.  but as silly as it may feel to admit that - it's honest, for me.  and it's left me with many days of just trying to get through the day and make sure we are all eating and (somewhat) clean,  alive, talking to God, sleeping and then starting the cycle all over again the next day.  and lately, the cycle hasn't left much room to keep up with blogging or painting my toenails or drinking my cup of joe before it goes cold.  but that's okay.

i'm learning a lot about the importance of little things.  for some (good) reason, God has me taking this course over and over again.  i've been learning how the little things are inseparable from the big things in the end, and vice versa.
little things are in the big things.  and the big things are in the little.  i cling to, and somedays still struggle to believe, this quote by brother lawrence that i've posted here before...

we ought not to be weary of doing little things for the love of God,
who regards not the greatness of the work, but the love with which it is performed.

i'm glad God gracefully gives me the gift of growing in doing little things with love.  can things as such, change the world?

with all of  that being said, i'm not going to keep doing my 'thankful on mondays' post.  not because i'm not into being thankful anymore, but because i just need to shake things up a bit for my own sake.  i'll be posting posts to record things i'm thankful for, but more randomly.  there are a lot of things that are scheduled in life right now, and while that is what's needed for our family's sanity in this season, i am truly a spontaneous at heart kinda girl.  so, i need the things that can be more spontaneous to be just that.  and, when i started the monday thing, it was because i was such a grumpy grump on mondays.  it's served it's purpose.  gratitude is truly the parent to joy, as i've learned from ann voskamp's writings -even on mondays.