oh dear.

somewhere between lots of pooh bear books or something of the like, and trying to make sure my choice-phrase responses to things like: sippy cups flying accross the kitchen full of milk or my oldest saying, "oh, i just peed," as he sits on a stool in the kitchen, are choice-phrase responses that won't bite back at me when they are parroted by my son...

so i've started saying, "oh dear."  a lot.  it sort of makes me feel like i've been trapped in little women.  i always used to feel like i was put in the wrong time period  anyway...but that's a post for another day.  all of this to say; when i realized how long it's been since i've blogged, oh dear is the first thing i thought.  so here goes...

in the meantime of all of this oh-dearness, our timo-bear turned one!
here he is on his big day:
opening a present from his big brother in his "bear" ears,
and in traditional korean garb for his 1st birthday...
early in october we had a visit from a really dear friend of ours from freiburg days...
ellen, we miss you!!!
then, mid-october, matt's mom was here for lots of special memories... 
  like a rainy afternoon hike in a nature preserve,
and romping through a pumpkin patch with two little pumpkins...
 we had a great time and are so glad you made the trek out this way, grand-mere!!
we (and that would mean matt) carved the coolest mater pumpkin for our biggest little
i also decided to chop my bangs at some point
 and become a noonday ambassador
-i am wearing a couple of my favorite pieces above
(bone-carved leaf earrings and zip-up wrap)

later, that same month  a dear childhood friend came to visit from california.  bethany and i have been friends since 5th grade and on this visit, we got to meet each other's little one/ones.  it was incredibly special to be together and make memories as families.

aren't they the most gorgeous little family?

i treasure this friend and the years we've remained friends -through a million life transitions, geography and distance, difficulty and joy, disagreements and understanding, weddings and babies.  it was especially sweet to be at a point in our lives where our spiritual journeys and stage in life had so much in common.  thanks for visiting us, lepes!

 and of course, both of our boys adored isaiah. look at that face -how can you not!

then, in november,
my big sister got married and she was absolutely beautiful.
here she is with our mama. 
we are so happy for her and her husband, todd. 
we couldn't have asked for a better couple and love them together. 

it's hard to top that last event, so i'll end here, though there's a lot more i could post about since it is january.  how is that possible/  oh dear is right.  but i am unbelievably thankful for all the things that make me say oh dear - for they are what has made life so rich and full these last few months and they are irreplaceable!   
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