Real Life Confessions

We all know that most social media outlets tend towards the "highlight reel" of each of our lives.  And really, why shouldn't they?  Some people like to get all up in arms and talk about yesteryear when everyone supposedly did everything more naturally and were consequently much holier and pure and whole and less duplicitous...but really?   When the only way to keep memories and showcase them was via picture albums, I remember the very best pictures being chosen for those albums just like they are for our versions of albums today.   Technology has brought much change to the way we do things,  but as people I do not think we are that different.  No one wants to highlight their bad hair day or fighting children.  And those highlights never seem to go well unless the person highlighting them is as funny as a stand-up comedian, anyway.  Am I right?

All that to say, it is important to remind everyone (especially ourselves) that our posted highlight reel isn't 24hr, everyday life real and we should never expect it to be.  So in that vein, here are a few of my everyday confessions as of late...

Confession #1.  We still often live out of the dryer and wear wrinkled clothes like I wrote about in another confessions post a couple of years ago...

Confession #2.  I have bought this cereal twice now, convincing myself that the "green" looking packaging, the fact that it was close to the more natural and organic cereals, and the absence of bright rainbow colors and a little smiling leprechaun means that it is semi-healthy, and it's really not that bad for me my kids.  Smaller, more pastel colored marshmallows are healthier right?  I mean, they look more "natural." I have pretty much eaten the entire box BOTH times I purchased it.  My boys have hardly had a bowl each.  Maybe I am doing this because I wasn't allowed to have Lucky Charms as child?!  "Mom's best cereal" is right because this mama has devoured two boxes and needs to be banned from buying anymore.  If you see me in the cereal aisle,  please kindly remind me that I don't need to eat another box of this and that there really might be a leprechaun hiding in this brand, too.

Confession #3.  I cannot keep plants alive.  My little succulent that is supposed to be easier than easy to maintain is losing it's little elephant ear-shaped leaves and dying on our kitchen windowsill as I type.  And our front flower area, that I am avoiding, looks like a dried up, wild jungle that one of my boys could literally get lost in.  As a lover of beauty and art, I often imagine that I should have a green thumb and be able to landscape our tiny square of plants and flowers in our front yard.  Maybe someday, but that day is not today.

Confession #4.  I stay up way too late when I am reading a good book (Orphan Train, by Christina Baker Kline, if you have to know), and then I am grumpy with dark circled eyes the following day.  My boys get a sleepy, lazy version of my better self when this happens (today) and there are no instagram filters to make such tired grumpiness look good.

There you have it.  Four things I am not apt to post with filters on instagram or share on FB with cute little emojis.  What about you?  What are some of your non-highlight reel, real life confessions?
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